27 December 2006

Parliament & Transsexuals

This is actually funny in a twisted way-- Basically, our newly-elected parliament has kicked-off its parliamentary sessions and *of course* our parliamentarians are *eager* to show their competence, worthiness, and effectivenss in handing the major problems of the country.

So, as any normal human being, I assumed, innocently, that among the first issues to be discussed in parliament would be, for example, the report of the Audit Court which exposed rampant corruption in the government.. or at least something that is a national concern like illegal naturalization, illegal acquisition of land, illegal reclamation and destruction of our marine environment, Bandar-gate, to name a few. I was wrong. The FIRST question posed by a parliament member is about..... the TRANSSEXUALS! The honorable Mr. Abdulla Al-Dosari (an "independent") is planning to question the Minister of Education about the increasing number of transsexuals in schools!!!!!!!!!!!

I first thought this was a joke! I mean, OK we have transsexuals and that is not good, but is this really the priority of our country? For God's sake! The government actually gave parliament the audit report on a silver platter, and what is the first things this genius think about? transsexuals taking over our schools..! Way to go, Mr MP! Can't wait to hear your next question (one can only guess........)


Haitham Salman said...

Can't agree more

isagreatphilosopher said...

Fascists! Not that I am a supporter of transsexuals' rights, but let's face it once they are done with trannies they are going turn to the queer, then seggregation, women clothing, tv, back to hijabs, adultery maybe, fight and call each other names for a few weeks, controlling more media and maybe block this blog as I have exposed there evil master plan to the world "evil laugh goes here"!
This way, issues of actual urgency and importance never get discussed, not that solutions would be found if they did. It is sad, but some mentalities out there are simply obsessed with this insignificant and most of the time fascist control of society.

LuLu said...

Thanks Haitham, nice blog btw.

Isagreatphilosopher-- they are! It is just too easy for pro-gov. parliamentarians to focus on issues they know will not upset the government, while still seeming like they are doing something for the society-- and the gov. is loving it!
My only solace is that we are in a "transition phase." Democracies take time to mature and theoretically, we will too!