05 April 2007

Islamist hypocrite

I guess I shouldn't use names since I might get sued, or go to a place where you guys might have to visit me on a schedule and bring me oranges. But I can certainly put a picture (look).

So this person is a member of parliament. Up until elections, he was never known for being religious. In fact, he owned a 3-star hotel with a disco, bar, and "entertainment-women" and things were all dandy. Just before elections, news got out that he sold the hotel. Fine. I guess you can "find" God and that can always coincide with election time.

Then he gets elected (well, you know, after buying most people in his district air conditioners, fridges, and washing machines etc). He also becomes an Islamist activist and campaigns against hotels & bars because they are un-Islamic. When the Minister of Information issued his order to close-down all entertainment facilities in hotels 4-star and below starting March 1st and ending their alcohol and disco licenses starting May 1st, this MP was of course very happy and was one of FIVE MPs who declared support of us becoming an Islamic country.. al-7imdella.

Except.. oh wait! He is being sued now.. Because guess what, he never sold that 3-star hotel! In fact, he has been renting it through an Indian agent to a Saudi investor who has been managing it (and the disco, and the bar, and the women).. Oh and the rental contract is for the duration of his parliament membership (heeh) for a total of BD500,000. Now of course the Saudi investor is suing him because the new changes in the law (which our Mr. MP is all for) will mean that he will lose his investment.

Final piece of amusement: the MP denied any relations to the hotel in the past, but since money talks, he is now filing a counter-suit to get the rest of the BD500,000 that the Saudi didn't pay (BD 365,500).

I love this.


presentnfuture said...

Thanks LuLu. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to post a lot the last couple of weeks. Will do. I like your blog too. I was trying to find nice blogs in Bah and found yours. glad i did :)

SoulSearch said...

Woooohooo, this post is very powerful, somebody should be reconsidering their stance now that they've been BUSTED!!!!!! by Lulu,

good job Lulu,

thanks for the info!


moodZ said...

And finally, the connection!

It's about time someone speaks up about this..! Well done LuLu..

P.S: Hope having Dal and bread as lunch for a while doesn't bother you much *wink*

Anonymous said...

That is soooo funny. Brillaint!

SILVER said...

Excellent stuff

costa-guy said...

This guy is soooo busted he will be working as an entertaining dancer in the closed down (entertainment facilities) if they were allowed to open again!

I just wish that the Saudi-invester would have issued the law-suit here in Bahrain or at least try to hurry up the procedures. I can't wait to see his (ass) when the attorney proposes that the Parliament removes the diplomatic immunity so (he) can be sued! Can't wait to see this proposel (the remove of diplomatic immunity) in the hands of the Islamic members.

(If only you saw his face when the voting device went-down when he had to vote against Wefaq in one of the sessions, it looked so busted!)

Not only that he is SO out of the race in 2010, he just proved that some of the MPs are pure scumbags who are running after money.

We're not in USA were scumbags actually win elections. We're in Bahrain, where people are going to haunt this guy for the things he did and denied before! Liar, hypocrit, former pimp.

No wonder Latifa Al-Ga'ood sometimes doesn't vote with his bloc.

Anyway, i knew about his history way before the elections but as long you're opening the subject, i'll try my best to assure he won't get elected next time.

That filthy money-worshiping gold-digger!

error said...

wow thats original!!

Maha Al-Yousif said...

ya salaaaaaam! hey Lulu, you go girl ;)

LuLu said...

Thanks guys! Of course I have nothing against this person in particular, but it's a symbol of how our people's religious feelings get manipulated by people who are really just after personal/political gains..

Costa guy I'm not sure I share your optimism about the Bahraini electorate. After all, the people of his district elected him after he bribed everyone and their mother! I find it hard to believe that they didn't really know his history when they voted for him...

tito84 said...

What a shame and a drawback to have a double-faced and a hypocrite in this lousy parliment =(

Anonymous said...

I love this too!