14 January 2007

Bahraini Salaries

In my late-night browsing of Al-Wasat newspaper, I stumbled across these salary-statistics of private sector employees in Bahrain, reported by the General Organization of Social Insurance. They are actually interesting..
  • About 100 Bahraini working in the private sector get less than BD50 a month
  • There are 111 Bahrainis getting less than BD100 a month
  • There are 18,000 Bahrainis getting less than BD 200 a month [note: the poverty line in Bahrain is estimated at BD336]
  • There are 9,585 Bahrainis and expats getting more than BD 1000 a month
  • Around 700 Bahrainis and expats get more than BD 4000 a month
  • The highest paid Bahraini gets BD50,000
  • The average salary in the private sector is BD217 [below poverty line]
  • The average salary for Bahrainis in the private sector is BD377 and for expats is BD170


MSB said...

wow.. interesting stats.. you know what amuses me? badal sakan that expats get! cuz apparently expats need housing, but bahrainis dont! :/

so sad..

isagreatphilosopher said...

Well, if I was head hunted to work in a firm, say, in NY, then some form of compensation for residence is a standard if not one of the bare minimum requirements in the pay package I would be expecting.
To be precise, I am saying that the fact one is an expat does not necessitate them recieving a compensation for residence unless they are brought in as professional hire due to lack of qualified or experienced candidates in the local market. Nothing is wrong with that. The potential sad things are the failure of our training and education system in developing the highly skilled labour our economy requires or the failure in uncovering, screening, such workers
by local firms if they do exist.

Haitham Salman said...

I wonder what is the job that pays BD50,000 a month? I really want to know it and hopefully apply for it.

LuLu said...

I want career tips!

moodz said...

Its my first time stumbling upon your blog, just a question here about the poverty line, any clue on what bassis this was decided? I do know that the international standards around around $1 a day. Any clue?

LuLu said...

Moodz, I'll try! The short answer is that this was the numnber officially published by the Bahrain Center for Studies and Research in 2003 and is defined as the minimum expenditure necessary for subsistance for a family of 6 (average size). Basically, it was calculated using UNDP methodology & figures which used purchasing power parity in Bahrain to estimate the poverty line to be at $2.5/day for each person in a family of 6 (average size) which translates into BD354/month per family. This was then adjusted to account for other factors (e.g. mean expenditure etc). You pointed correctly that the World Bank estimates "absolute global poverty" at $1 per day per person. This measure, though, is skewed by the nature of the sample. It it includes only 8 MENA, none of which are Gulf countries, with a mean expenditure of $115 but 18 African countries, with a mean expenditure of $75 per month and a significantly higher PPP [e.g. PPP of Angola is 4,632,244 while for Bahrain it's 0.3]. There are pretty good details on the WB and UNDP website (I'm an economist by training so to me this stuff is actually cool!)

Manaf Almuhandis said...

0000 jobs are usually CEOs of major banks.

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