04 May 2007

حمالين المباخر

The Arabic term translates roughly into: holder of the mubkhar (incense burner). Traditionally, this would be the semi-servant person who hangs around the heads of the tribe, burning Oud and incense for them and telling them how great and amazing they are, they who do no wrong!

Nowdays, with the advances of nano-technology and all, the incense burner took a new form: words! Yes! Somehow, centuries later, we ended up with this semi-servant mentality in our press, parliament, and even business community.. I mean, just read this. And this. And this! (there is more of course, but reading too much more may cause serious heart problems).

It's more than sad and annoying! It seems that a good portion of our jouranlists and public figures are treating the political system in Bahrain as if it was a big continuous PR party! I'm not against complements, but this whole deal of telling us how wise and awsome and genius "this person" or "that person" is or trying to convince us that Bahrain "is a haven of democracy and prosperity" is plain retardation!

"This person" isn't wise and genius and Bahrain is not a haven.! If anything, we are sinking deeper and deeper into a pile of crap! Telling us this crap is "pretty" will not solve our problems!! I am equally disappointed as well in our major leadership figures. It seems that truth-telling does not fare very well with them. The journalists who are most hypocrites get the awards, those who are most "anti-people" get the lovey-dovey treatment, whereas those who write and write and write demanding reforms are brushed off, if not jailed occasionally. As for MPs, it seems holders of the incense burner have decided that "Ahmed bin Ateyatallah" is all of a sudden an honest, non-sectarian, flawless, innocent, puppy-eyed Minister who never orchestrated any conspiracy.

اللهم احفظ وطني من الانتهازيين و المتسلقين و حمالي المباخر و البشوت


$iLveR GiRL said...

لا تخلو ديار من المنافقين الذين يكسبون عيشهم من التملق والتمصلح.

ما يقززني أكثر هو كيف يقبل إنسان (بفرضية أنه سوي) أن يكون محاطاً بهؤلاء ويحيا على تغطيات إعلامية وأقلام صحفية رخيصة. لو كان عاقلاً لما ارتضاها لنفسه.

Thanks for pointing those few articles. I am sickened just before dinner time. Zayn halooon?

Costa-guy said...

Amen for that sister.. and well said $ilver girl..

The problem is just like the 90's era, those (incense burners) were rejecting the smell of the idea of the parliament and kept thanking "those people" for the freedom and democracy they had and swearing that they couldn't be more satisfied. Opposition back in the 90's: those were pure evil (the devil himself) and their followers. Their aim was to get in control and power over State of Bahrain??!!!!

Now, those same people are lap-dancing for the same system telling them how wonderful and democratic their system is. Everything coming from the opposition's mouth is a conspiracy from "abroad" to divide our country (although on land it can't be divided more because of how small it is & how much "those people" own most of the land as private property). There is sectarianism and that's because of the blessing of our rulling Royal family and the 1000-year old government.

I have one question only to be answered by "those people". One, wa7id, eines, un, uno: (Can you still believe that those around you are telling the truth?)

People know they are lying, History says they are lying. They themselves if they are somewhere away from the (heads of tribe) are calling "you people" names!

عشان الفلوس والمصلحة مستعد يحط لك لحية ويقصر ثوبه ويفتي لك فتوى الظهر، ويقرا لك شعر العصر ويرقص لك الليل.

ولما اتموت بتشوفه اول واحد ينكت في جنازتك!

أنا أقول:

اللهم ثبت أقوالنا وأشدد على عزيمتنا وساعد قلوبنا على هؤلاء بشر

Anonymous said...

ادعي الله بعد ان يحفظ ديرتي من بعض النواب اللي همهم بس المعاش التقاعدي و السيارة و الجواز ..... و بعد ادعي الله ان يرزق حكامنا و اصحاب القرار بالبطانة الصالحة اللي تنصحهم نصيحة سنعة و عدلة مو تسمعهم كلام مصفف و ماخوذ خيره علشان يقبضون المقسوم

LuLu said...

Silver girls-- thanks for passing by! I wonder also why people to whom all the praise and petry is directed can actually sit and listen without showing any symptoms of nausia at least!
Wops I guess I should put a warning before linking to those :-)

Costa-- very, very well said. Although something tells me it's not just the leaders who are sitting there listening to this crap and (seemingly) believing it. I personally have friends who read columns of Abd Elmenem Ebrahim and Al-Mahmeed and take them at face value. I am trying to undestand this nowdays.. maybe I'll share my findings at some point!

Anonymous-- I'm with you 100%!

NewMe said...

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