28 April 2007


Or should it be Bahrainestan? AlKhalifastan?

It's a miracle! Al-Menbar and Al-Asala are making change happen! Beginning with banning entertainment and alcohol in small hotels, and ending so far with a pledge to strengthen censorship in the media, the Islamists managed to make change happen without even having to propose it in parliament. It's as if they "think it", and it happens! A part of it can be explained by their strong lobbying efforts, and their PR advantage. As religious figures, they of course will be using their influence as religious preachers to mobilize popular support for their "cleansing Bahrain" actions.

Up to this point, it seems normal. But this is Bahrain. You don't just "lobby" and get your way. It seems the government is playing a dangerous game (the same game Egypt then Kuwait played and it bit them in the a**); they are strengthening Islamist (Sunnis) to counter other elements of the opposition. The Minister of Information, especially this one, will not be acting on his own initiative. There seems to be a government strategy to appease Islamists in parliament through social restrictions to ensure their neutrality in this divided parliament.. The liberals, on the other hand, have been strategically excluded, whereas Al-Wefaq is clearly (a) neutralized and (b) hesitant to speak against this campaign since they are an Islamic movement themselves.

So where will the line be drawn? Well, the problem is we don't know! If history is to teach us anything, this government will not stop at anything to strenghten its grip on power, regardless of the long term impact. For all we know, there may come a day when WE go to Saudi Arabia for the weekend..


tito84 said...

Well, this is not good!
this seems too bad.
What a life it would be for us if what we think is gonna happen is true

Thank you for the post

SILVER said...

People, all we have left is some marginal personal freedom and they want to take it away from us!!
Hope other bloggers pick this issue up.

Anonymous said...

الله يستر بس جان باجر ما يحرمون على النسوان السياقة و ما يخلون البنات يسافرون الا باذن ولي امرهم .... بصراحة ما عدت اتوسم خير من ورا هالبرلمان التعبان يمكن مجلس الشورى يكون احسن منه :(

SoulSearch said...

Dear Lulu, you hit the nail on the head. It does seem to be a policy being driven by the powers, but they seem to forget what has happened a few days ago in Saudi when the so-called "terrorist cells" were found out. This seems to be the end result of what is currently happening in our honorable parliament. God help us all, if this is the path they choose to walk.


LuLu said...

I can't undertand how governments never seem to learn from one another. Every country who courted religious fundamentalists ended up with internal unrest as those fundamentalists got stronger and their demands got out of hand. It is pretty scary, especially as I agree the only thing we have in this country is our personal freedoms!