20 January 2007

How to make Bahrain a better place?

In response to a comment on "Bandar & the man" these are my top 10 rules of positive contribution. If you have more, please do share!

1. Hang a "just Bahraini" pin and shove it in any bigot's face

2. Contact/stalk/harrass you Parliament representative the next time he displays his usual retardation and get your point across

3. Whatever you do, don't buy Al-Watan newspaper!

4. Get out of your shell and go to exhibitions, book-readings, lectures, even Matams. Contrary to popular belief, the world doesn't revolve around Seef mall

5. If you don't understand, ask!

6. Don't litter and if someone does, stop them!

7. Get involved in something: charity, environment, writing, school elections, anything that can possibly have anti-hate effects

8. Don't pay bribes and if you have was6a, stop yourself from using it! (I know it's hard)

9. Don't speed! Enough people die as it is because of our "visitors"

10. Just understand that religion, sect, race, origin don't matter. We'll die soon enough and judgement is meant to be then, not now.


error said...

11. eat less 7alwa,this will help your blood circulation, eventually to live a longer life.

12. drink more liga7 water! it will flush off bad stuff from your body.

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Nice list.
Can't commit to the "no speeding' bit, but nice.

LuLu said...

Fine error I'll save my response to my upcoming "how not to get fat" list :) Not sure about eating less 7alwa tho.

Manaf speeding in drag races doesn't count

Manaf Almuhandis said...

Ah, but speeding while going to work or the local Gahwa does! :)
Sorry, I can't drive slow. I'll get deep emotional scars if I was forced to.

LuLu said...

I'm emotionally scarred when accidents happen-- well be careful & try not to kill anyone! :)

tooners said...

good list here. only wish more ppl believed like you.

isagreatphilosopher said...

- Read more, much much more.
- Listen and look for any party's story before passing judgement, and never get manipulated into doing so.

Seroo said...

great list my dear, very inspiring indeed... good luck sticking by your guns, I hope you can be the shining example the island needs to uplift morale... =)

and thanks for the note on el maghreeeb, it indeed was AWESOME =) will post of my adventures soon, definitely was the trip of the year (so far) ... 11 more months to go, I hope exciting things await me !! =)

Johnster said...

and what is ligah water? i have often wondered

LuLu said...

Thanx tooner & Seroo.. there is still hope in Bahrainis! Can't wait to hear more about ElMaghreeeeb :)

Philosopher: very well put.

LuLu said...

Johnster legah water is a traditional herbal remedy in Bahrain and typically used for stomache/indigestion problems and female fertility issues, or is mixed with tea/water for flavor. A common rought translation is "palmtree water," but basically it's extracted from the male flower of the palmtree, called "groof" in Arabic which looks like a brownish-green pocket growth, rough in texture with fertilizing pollens inside. The groof is boiled in water and the steam is then condensed to produce legah water..

isagreatphilosopher said...

Ok I needed a space to vent my anger, and I am not quite prepared to start a blog so I am using your wall.


Dear god, has no one person in the parliament read an economics textbook? or looked at how other countries dealth with inflation?
Needless to say, some of the comments, in the akhbaralkhaleej article, make me sick. These people are pretty damn ignorant.

If this inflation is real, and not a result of price fixing by merchants- which should be investigated, then the last thing you want to do is raise wages or any form of increasing in government spending. That will only give more inflation.
If it is not real, then some competition commission of some form should be sorting it out.
Also, international trade exports/imports inflation. So, we should be trading with other countries.

Inflation was a bit of a nightmare for developed economies back in the day. The way central bank and government policy is structured minimizes any worries regarding inflation.
There are still developing countries who are notorious for hyper-inflation, like most of latin america. Although inflation is, all other things being equal, a surmountable problem, these economies suffer a wide range of other problems that makes a direct solution impossible, e.g. currency crises, debt, departure of foreign investors.
I finally applaude my own MP AlShaikh Mohammad Khalid for being an opportunistic "something really rude goes here" and seizing the moment to have a go at Iran, which goes well with his track record of condemning anything a shee3i "shi'ite" person did or said during his first term in parliment.
I'm out.

LuLu said...

isagreatphilosopher I totally get your point and it is very sad! I guess the only two people who would understand economics among our MPs would be Jassem Hussein and Abul.. but then it would be political semi-suicide to speak against a wage increase at this point..

Ali said...

you should apply these rules to all gulf countries ...

we've got the same problems .... in Kuwait ...

Anyhow hope your message gets delivered ...

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let us know what you think afterwards

Ahmed said...

Hello Lulu,

Just a suggestion....i think that you should update your blog more frequently as i like your style of writing! this is a must, to keep me occupied in the 7 boring hours i sit at my desk when at work, gazing into thin air, wondering what the next five minutes hold for me!

LuLu said...

Thanks so much Ali and I'm so glad to have you look at my blog! I tootally loved Deera Chat but will comment more there :)

Ahmed I'm really happy you liked my postings too! I guess it takes a real effort to keep writing everyday-- Will try my best and thanks again!

costa-guy said...

excellent topic... really liked it and sorry for the delay of the comment