09 May 2007

United behind.... Ateyatallah?

Once again, and as if they didn't have enough chances to demonstrate their stupidity and uselessness, our parliamentarians just refuse to do one decent thing during their term. After all to be honest, most of us don't REALLY have representatives in parliament. The government has representatives in parliament and it's quite happy with them. We, meanwhile, have to endure their antics and bang our heads against the wall, and hope we don't get ulcers.

Al-Wefaq had submitted a request to question Mr. Shaikh Highness Ateyallah Al-Khalifa over corruption and abuse of powers charges. This is the same guy allegedly responsible for a conspiracy to foster sectarian divide in Bahrain. No one, not even me with my worst case scenarios, expected that the 22 remaining members of parliament (not inc. Aziz Abul) would unanimously deny the motion. Basically, if they were sure he was so innocent and lovely, why not investigate the matter to prove his innocence? Granted, Al-Wefaq was not going to question him about the Bandar report itself but about "corruption" associated with the report. Still, why are they so against even looking into this?! (I smell fear mixed with bribe mixed with phone call from a big guy).

Technically, they voted to delay deliberations. Realistically, though, with only a couple of weeks left for this parliamentary session, the psoposal is effectively killed. They cited "interference with judicial processes" as a reason. I wonder where they got that one! In fact, Ateyatallah has already been acquitted by our very independent judiciary and now the proceedings are all focused on charges against Al-Bandar himself (who may I add, was kicked out of Bahrain. I'm not exactly sure how retarded you have to be to kick someone out of the country THEN hand him a jail sentence).

So here we have it. 22 of our parliament members are all united behind Ateyatallah, "the" shining symbol of sectarian divide and corruption. Well done, Sa3eedis and sub-Sa3eedis.

Meanwhile, Wefaq parliamentarians + my man Aziz Abdul withdrew from the session in protest, and are threatening potentially to withdraw from Parliament altogether! Afterwards, they prayed behind Al-Sa3eedi to show their solidarity against sectarianism. I really will not comments on this stunt. It would just be too mean.


costa-guy said...


AbuRasool said...

It is a learning curve. al Wifaq MPs are learning the limits of their mandate. Alkhalifa ministers are out of bound. They may, just may, have a better luck with a commoner minister.

Sadly Lulu, Jareer was right :)

Gardens of Sand said...

*SIGH* *SCREAM* bash my head several times, then shake it after all what did I expect? Certainly not better than this... *SIGH*

On another note, the picture is quite funny isn't it. In a way I am glad, it shows great tolerance and it is great seeing the MPs lead in that directions rather than instigate rife. It shows we can all live peaceably together and yes, even pray together!

Having said that, I personally wouldn't pray behind Al Sa3aidi, given his actions(I would say corrupt, but I may get sued!!) and let's not forget his sectarian and ignorant remarks and stances. But that's just me

Anonymous said...

I dont know why are you supporting this spy who has stolen some papers and is trying to devide the Bahrainies. We are not fools, it is obvious that Wefaq is using this to raise the issue of the report of that spy.

costa-guy said...

Correction: the spy who the government hired to spy on people.

and HELLO! Ofcourse, most of Bahrain (Opposition from both sides) wants to know answers about the report "Al-Bander"! The only people who don't want to raise the issue are those involved and those behind them!

This is a major nation-wide scandel. The Bahraini court did convict Salah Al-Bander of stealing those documents, though it didn't say whether those documents were true or not! That is the major question right now!!!

If it's false, then the "spy" is the one who wants to divide Bahrainis and MPs don't need to protect him by voting against the investigation.

If it's true, then the government, the 22 MPs and some major "Islamic" societies are the ones who want to divide Bahrain into: People in power, people with nothing to gain or lose (hopless) and the 22 MP's would not allow the investigation to go on.

By objecting the investigation proposal that happened today, please tell me which scenario is true?

The sectarian "spy" or the sectarian "government and MP's".

Sorry to say so but this issue is so exposed, Bahrain would never be the same again.

LuLu said...

Anonymous, let me try to articulate how I see this matter:

1. Government delegates Ateyatallah to hire Salah AlBandar to help him conspire against a section of its popualtion

2. Government and Bandar get into this disagreement

3. Bandar exposes government

4. Government fires Bandar

-- So, of course he is not clean! and of course he is not doing this for our "own good." He is clearly trying to settle scores with the government. HOWEVER, before we go around calling him a spy, we need to investigate the people who hired him. He makes some serious charges and presents serious evidence. Regardless of whether we like him or not, he is an expatriate employee brought into Bahrain by the government for a purpose..

If the leadership is serious in treating the sectarian issue in Bahrain, it needs to have the courage to open this file and expose it once and for all, whether it involves members of the royal family or not.

& yes, Costa, you add two v. significant points:

1- The court convicted Bandar of stealing government documents, meaning it affirmed the authenticity of his documents


2. Bahrain can't afford to ignore this. A scandal on this scale needs to be investigated publicly and seriously. Phony court rulings won't solve this one.

Concerned 'Citizen X' said...

It’s always good to pray together, and it proves to skeptics that we worship the same god, contrary to what some so called religious leaders have been preaching.

The actions taken by the infamous 22 MPS only proves that the Parliament is controlled by outside forces (I don't need to elaborate). Had they truly been representing the people’s voices (and not the government), this event would not have occurred.

We all need to wake up and face reality, ‘THERE WILL NEVER BE TRUE DEMOCRARY or FREEDOM IN BAHRAIN’, there is no transparency and the Government is not willing to give up even an inch of its power.

This has been true throughout the world for centuries, as proven by history the only way dramatic change comes has been through revolutions (France), invasions (Germany) or Civil wars (America).

That is one of the reasons why (I believe) our government continues to nationalize foreigners in the Armed forces and Civil defense.

If they would only come to grips and realize that all Bahrainis would give their lives for Bahrain, we love our country and want it to continue to be a Monarchy; all we ask in return is to be believed in and given freedom.


Anonymous said...

Did you read this?

LuLu said...

Anonymous yes I saw that. It's so insulting to our intelligence!! Instead of dealing with the allegations he makes, geniuses in our government defend themselves by going against his personality! (truly.. who cares)

LuLu said...

Gardens well I have been thinking about the prayer thing. I guess as leaders they had to do "something" to prove they are not sectarian (both sides). As for Sa3eedi, he is too extreme for me as well.

Concerned Citizen, it is troubling. It looks like someone studied the turbulences of the 50s, 70s, and 90s (popultion or parts of the population against the government) and, instead of eliminating the reasons for rebellion, decided to "create" a population that will fight "for" the government when the next rebellion happens. It's so short sighted and self-destructive beyond belief! Sometimes I feel like we are ruled by biblical Samson..!