09 April 2007

Pharonic Teasures in Bahrain

I changed the original title! It was originally announced that King Tut was coming to Bahrain *sigh* but something just didn't work out (we don't know what). On the positive side, other Pharonic treasures and some Tut's possessions will be on exhibit @ the Bahrain Museum starting April 11th.

The exhibition is the largest ancient Egyptian display to be held in an Arab or North African country outside of Egypt. I sure think it's worth seeing! Thank you Sh. Mai for your creativity and hard work!

P.S. Notwithstanding my absolute fascination w/Egyptian history & the exhibition, I have to mention that Bahrain is paying all costs, and all the proceeds are going to the Egyptian Antiquities Council.


isagreatphilosopher said...

That's pretty cool, I hope I would catch it when I'm back in July.

Regarding the benefits, I think the big man, Mr Tut, could be a strong attraction that instrumentally, or through positive externalities, Bahrain stands to benefit.
For those of us who never had the opportunity to actually go to such exhibitionm, well it brings it right to our doorstep, a ticket to egypt cheaper than before.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating.. I read this also in an Egyptian news service but how come no one knows about it in Bahrain?? I know many expats who will be interested too.


presentnfuture said...

Sh Mai does a lot of cultural work for Bahrain. She has really put Bahrain on the area's cultural map with all these events. Will definately attend the exhibition!

SILVER said...

hate to disappoint you all, but according to today's alwasat news, they denied that Tut is part of the artifacts brought to bahrain.

LuLu said...

Thanks silver-- I guess sometimes things don't work out! It should still be interesting I think...

Moni said...

We just went to the exhibit on the 12th! It was really awesome. The best artifacts were King Tut's sarcophagus and the gold face mask! This is a definite 'must see' for anyone in Bahrain!

LuLu said...

Moni I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm definitely telling everyone I know... especially those who compain that there is nothing to do! (we're soo good at that)

Concerned Citizex X said...

Hi LuLu,

I went to the museum on monday. Read more about on my blogg 'Visiting the Treasures of Ancient Egypt'.

Anonymous said...

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