13 April 2007

Really Fatema, no one cares!

I usually pride myself on being patient and tolerant. I am. But one thing that I can't really tolerate very well is inflated egos, especially when they are combined with public dilusions! Read this (Arabic).

So her name is Fatema Ali and she was a candidate at the previous elections. But I'm not sure is she serious? She's all over the place claiming to be discriminated against for being a woman activist and claims to be ostrasized and declared a non-Muslim for not wearing a neqab! (huh). Dude, first of all to be an activist you need to have a cause; and you need to be active. She is an employee at the Supreme Council for women which is a government organization and up until last elections, no one had even heard of her! Even in her own village she had no activity going on other than being Dheya El-Mousawi's wife (he by the way suffers from the same symptoms of self-grandeur dillusions). And for God's sake if she was declared a non-Muslim, we would have heard!! I was also disturbed by her claim that she lost elections for being a woman! I mean, come on! You can't just appear out of nowhere and expect to be elected.. People didn't elect you because they had no idea who you are!

Anyway, my point is this: Women have a long way to go in this society but the women's movement loses its creadibility when it's represented by self-appointed morons. And to Ms. Fatema: please, how about you take a vacation and try to follow Munira Fakhro around for a couple of weeks to see what real political activism means, and maybe try to learn a bit about how to champion a cause too. Until then, I don't think we need the drama..


moodz said...

Actually people do care LuLu, the region is paying extra attention to the "democratic reforms" taking place in Bahrain. Thus enabling people like Fatima Ali to be under the spot like.

She is just a nobody, a نكرة if you ask me. But to them, she is a shiite activist, and a women and hence the attention.

Democracy at work they say, thought I doubt it :)

Keep up the good work!

Bahraini Diva said...

Oh please! Since when she started to be "Shi'i icon" she is a nobody dear...the NIQAB thing made my day! really, what's up with these people? Is that all they think about? I am a "Shi'i" but also a Bahraini & I don't want to see those people " the Islamists" to be elected again..simply because they would never understand that politics has nothing to do with religon.
By the way I'm totaly with you regarding Muneera Fakhro, now that's a woman has a history of standing up with the right causes our country needs.

Great subject.. keep it up dear

isagreatphilosopher said...

This is funny.
If it is the case that she has been defamed then I sympathize, sure.
But to be honest, this woman is as deluded as the rest of the islamists in the parliament, thinking their religious background makes them qualified to make vital economic and political legislative decisions. "wella3natain".
Educated and qualified candidates have to appeal to the masses pretty soon if the parlament is to make any steps forward in the next decade.

Gardens of Sand said...

I wonder of a little of her claim has merit....I believe part of why she was not elected is because she is a woman. Granted, no one new her, she wasn't an activist etc., but so were alot of the men candidates and some of them won.

Yet even the likes of Muneera Fakhro and Mariam Al Rowaie, whom just about everybody knows and recognizes their efforts--at least in their respective areas-- did not win. Sure there was an organized effort to ensure that they did not win, but many ppl did not vote for them simply because they are women and many are just not ready to have a woman represent them.

Costa-Guy said...

Sorry to break the news guys but the whole web site you took the article from is a sectarian site and most of the interview is fabricated!

She had some statements but they were over exaggerated in that site!

The site you took this article from is always dividing people into sunnis & shi'ites or Muslims & Christians. Pro-Saddam or against him, pro-women or against.

Regarding Fatima Ali's original interview and S.Deya's, they only had some small comments regarding Wefaq's stratedgy, quote: " Wefaq were successful (elections) but they should've strongly involved women in their campaign or at least supported women, not by only stating that in general meetings" end quote.

Fatima Ali & her husband stated these comments directly after the results of elections and no-one heard from Fatima since!

As long you've opened the subject, I would like to quote the last paragraph of your post: "my point is this: Women have a long way to go in this society but the women's movement loses its creadibility when it's represented by self-appointed morons. And to Ms. Fatema: please, how about you take a vacation and try to follow Munira Fakhro around for a couple of weeks to see what real political activism means" end quote.

Now let's discuss this thing.

As long we do support women but we also agree they need a long way to reach in the society, what do women need to do so they can catch up?
In another words, how is Dr. Munira Fakhroo different?

error said...

Don’t blame us for calling you “Khada Yooo”!!

LuLu said...

That's my point guys, I'm not comfortable with using the word "Shia activist" as an entry way for anyone who is seeking power and attention.

What I meant by saying "women have a long way to go" is that despite the progress society has made on women's issues, we are still not at an ideal stage. There is still a certain amount of discrimination, both socially and legally. Personally, I don't think appointing women ministers and ambassadors (mainly from the royal family or loyal to it) qualifies as "great achievement". My ideal is when we have for example laws laws that protect women and punish spousal abuse, or a family judicial system that is fair, or a society that is prepared to elect a woman based on her merit.

error akhaf ur from Sweden al7een? I think we are all equally retarded in this region

sandy said...

This is the time where women have broken the glass ceiling and made their mark. From politics, sports to now even a pilot... Blaming the gender for the defeat like this are demeaning and disturbing.

Bahrain does not need activist with no vision so its better for the 'candidate' to go and work with her team of gucci bags.


eshda3wa said...

did she really expect to win?
acting like a drama queen will not get her anywhere

the political sene all over the world is turning into a circus, more n more clowns are taking over

great post :)

LuLu said...

Thanks everyone, Sandy, eshda3wa for your great input-- There are of course many sides to each story.. even a very weak one!

Gardens, I agree that some people were not ready to have a woman represent them, but looking at the numbers Fakhro and Rwai'i got, I wouldn't agree that their gender was relevant in their loss. They got a substantial enough portion of the votes, much more than some of the current MP's in smaller districts. I still can't believe 1000 votes from a public votes made Munira lose!

costa back to your question: Munira is different for three reasons:
1. She is an activist and she espouses a cause (political reform, constitutional reform, which we can see in her writings and speeches for years now).
2. She is a non-sectarian figures
3. She was savvy enough to build alliances with Alwefaq even though she was a Sunni liberal uncovered woman.

But in general my point is, a woman should not put herself forward for elections on a gender-agenda. She needs to be able to draw a broad audience by taking up causes that people in general can identify with.

SILVER said...

i can list a number of reasons why she didnt win like:
she went against Wefaq in Wefaq areas
she is married to Deya Almusawi
she is a nobody

but its very lame to use the woman card!!

ConcernedCitizen said...

Hi LuLu,

I agree completely that the Women's rights & causes are being negatively affected by PEOPLE like what her face.
Also, i fear you have just used the 'M' word, SO, prepare yourself to be dragged into Court.

Dumb ass, good for nothing people who just add to our problems rather than help resolve them! Sheesh, you might actually be right in using the 'M' word. I would not have refrained myself so much (as you have, good on you) and the words i would have used would probably have been more creative.

I need to shut up now.