05 April 2007

Who was Sh. Salman speaking to?

One of the most enjoyable pastimes in any country is to critique your government and what it's doing every day. When you have a retarded government like some countries, the amuzement is even more enjoyable. But usually people who critique the government are not Crown Princes.

Just recently, this interview with the Crown Prince was published. Now, Shaikh Salman is known for being very honest and open, but I think this is the first time he explicitly critiques government ministers (very rightly of course).
He said this:

1. The position of the Ministers' and their unwillingness to defend Spring of Culture/freedom of expression is irresponsible and unfortunate (Wo..)

2. I'm disappointed in them (double wo..)

3. I am surprised ministers don't go down to meet the people, or the press, and listen to their daily grievances

4. EDB is productive and strong and whoever didn't know will know now

5. History will not be kind to those who stood in our way in implementing our reforms (e7m...)

OK I think you get the point. This is pretty strong! It's intended to be strong, especially in a country where critiquing anyone can get you an ungodly 6-12 months in prison. After a few dead months, I was ready to believe that all reformists here got a stroke and died. Maybe I was wrong! It looks like significant struggles have been going on behind the scenes, and it seems Shaikh Salman is back and using public relations to exert pressure. He also seemed very defiant in the message he was sending.. My only regret is that people in Bahrain are so disillusioned by 30+ years of empty government rhetoric and emptier promises that they are not even able to listen, let alone grasp the strength of his words.. unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of pushing & pulling is done in the background for quite some time. I am sure a lot of high high ranking officials are not happy with his statement and it might lead to further conflicts.

LuLu said...

Anonymous I'm sure certain people will not be happy.. I wonder if there will be a public push back?

isagreatphilosopher said...

I wonder how Sh Salman would react when he sees that his honest and purposeful statements sparked a race/sect argument in the comments in the link above. Sad.

LuLu said...

greatphil.. what worries me is that those comments mirror what young people are actually thinking in Bahrain nowdays. Scary stuff. And no one really paid attention to the anti-sectarian stuff he was saying.