29 December 2006

Take this, Seef mall

الحمدلله.. أحمدك يارب
عشت الين ما شفت اليوم اللي الناس في البحرين بتقدر تسوي شي في الويكند غير روحة المجمعات و الدوارة

Inter Milan is coming to Bahrain! I, for one, will be there. Good job (finally) to those who organized it! I really hope they actually find creative ways to capitalize on it as an event, maybe turn it into a festival, or an annual event w/different teams each year?

Note to Inter Milan: *I, e7m,am happy to see good looking Italian men play soccer here.. just please don't beat us by more than 10/0.. It just wouldn't be fun like that**


jirukun said...

Italian players in Intermilan?! This team is the only team in the Italian Serie A that has ONLY 1 italian player on the pitch "Materazzi" ;)

Nice blog btw! :)

LuLu said...

haha thanx.. yeh I guess I have to forfeit on this one!

Hamad said...

hahaha you cracked me up!! the only reason am reluctant to go is the fear of an embarrasing defeat :$

jirukun said...

Well, it's over 6-1 if I read the newspaper correctly.
Hope it was a good match :)

LuLu said...

@ Hamad I hope you made it there!

@ jirukun: It was a great game-- The total best moment was when the Ba7raini fans lost it and went into the field and started hugging and kissing the intermilan players then running as the police started chasing them!