07 January 2007

Favorite Intermilan Moments!

So the game is over 6/1. I'm sure it cost a lot, but I still think it was a nice event and worth it! People here need entertainment, desparately! Plus our team can learn from playing real professional teams. I hope our Soccer Federation doesn't wait for another 50 years to organize something like this! These my favorite snapshots:
  • The non-stop excitement of our fun-deprived people the moment Intermilan entered the field
  • A Bahraini fan yelling after the 5th Intermilan goal: "ta3aadol shabab, ta3aaadol!" (we're even)
  • Hussein Salman scoring in the 83rd minute Bahrain's only (honorary) point
  • The fans booing Materazi everytime he had the ball, which is entertaining esp. if you like Zaidan
  • The double personality of the fans cheering both sides (as they should!)
  • The fans jumping into the field hugging & kissing the Intermilan players (and may I say, everyone enjoyed the action!)
  • The police chasing after those fans
  • The rest of the fans and press jumping in to take pictures of the scene
  • The police and the fans playing 9aida on the field
  • The chasing game turning into a hide and seek


mishari said...

والله الشرهة عليهم يايين يلعبون مع فريق خليجيى
عزيزتى احنا نفشل فرقنا بس احسن شى يلعبون بالفريج

TariqKhonji said...

I didn't go, but from what I heard, most of the fans were cheering Itermilan, which is ridiculous.
Would the Italians cheer the Bahraini team if it played there?
Would any country cheer the visiting team rather than its own?
So strange...

LuLu said...

Well I can understand most of the audience's point of view. No one looked at this as a real soccer match.. it was more like an entertainment event where everyone was just excited to see Intermilan play in Bahrain..

aburaas (father of the head) said...

>>most of the fans were cheering Itermilan, which is ridiculous.

What on earth are you smoking?

1. Inter's been paid boatloads of money to play here as a guest team, you expect everyone to boo them? and

2. Love for national team = 1 / (state-sponsored level of oppression + 1) where ssloo > 0

Maybe when I and others can get decent jobs and not be discriminated against because of our last names you'll find us cheering for our national team.