27 January 2007

Global war on rodents

Gulf Daily News Local Headline, 27th January 2006


You are kidding me. You must be kidding me! We declared war on rats.

How is God allowing this paper to be published?


sandy said...

Absurd! War on rodents....give me a break... Mission Demolition of Rodents.... yeah


Dilmun said...

War on Rodents what a joke!! I hate the GDN. Someone Fire Les Horton!

Bahrainiac said...

Wait! If they fired Les Horton how whould we be able to follow the exploits of his little toddler!? Or better yet hear another story about growing up in yob'land.

LuLu said...

I'm still traumatized

costa-guy said...

hello... i just want to thank you for your excellent-topics blog. you really know what to speak about and how to speak about it.

thank you alot for these enjoyable topics.

anyway, regarding this topic.. well, did you notice who wrote the topic in GDN? I'm gonna bet he had a bad experience with rodents his whole life or else he would never published such title.

Such titles "Global war on rodents" + "Bahrain friend to the world" + "Paris Hilton gets fired from night clubs" + etc... do all reflect the amount of political & social knowledge those writers have & also the editor.

It's allowed to get published so the foreign people in Bahrain won't get involved with the local Bahrainis in their politics. Dealing with the locals is just enough for the government

LuLu said...

Hmm Costa guy maybe you're right! I forgot the name of the writer, Sanjeev Banjeev or something, but mostly all GDN's people just need a whole course in basic English writing.