08 February 2007

Super Minister

Our own Mahmood Al-Yousif was called to the Criminal Investigation Department for interrogation. He was interrogated for writing about Mansour bin Rajab the great. I mean, Mansour bin Rajab Minister of Municipalities. In fact, the Minister lodged a complaint with the police, officially refuting that he is at all "stupid" or a "brainfart."

Well, being a little upstart blogger and looking to protect myself, I have to start by hailing great thee Sir Highness Excellency Smart Respectable Righteous Lord Mansour bin Rajab Minister of Municipalities. Let it be known that I repent. From now on, I would never call him stupid or a brainfart. I would never call him a moron or a backward shmuk either. In fact, I will also not even call him corrupt. He's the anti-corrupt. I will also stop referring to his 5th-grade education from now on. I hail his great wisdom and apologize on behalf of the whooooooole, ungrateful population of Bahrain for not appreciating his impeccable brains and non-thieveness, non-corruption.

I also would like to make a suggestion, Mr Rajab. I mean, why stop at Mahmood Al-Yousif? I suggest that you go after everyone who calls you and idiot, a moron, or a thief. It would be fun. Imagine how much fun that would be? If we assume the Bahraini population is 500,000, that would make at least 499,999 defendants. It should give you something to do for the time being. Municipalities can wait.

Now, if I can call all my fellow people to observe 1 minute of silence in honor of the late freedom of speech, peace be upon her.


Manaf Almuhandis said...

Its been nice knowing you lulu. don't drop the soap where your going.

MBC said...

What he did proofs that he is smart despite his low education, even educated people will not think about this option if they were in his shoe.

Anonymous said...

All Bahraini Blogger's should start protecting thier real identity from now on....Dont you think so

NewMe said...

ذكرتني بمثل مصري يقول
"الفاضي يعمل قاضي"
عام وراء عام
ووزارة بعد وزارة
وهالاشكال اهي اهي
ذاك من ذاك اللي يطلع وزير كفو
لا يفهون ان المدونة هي كتابنا الخاص
نكتب فيه ما نشاء من أفكار وآراء
ما ودي الديرة ورى
الا الاشكال اللي لا تستحق مناصبها
وسلام على حرية الرأي

error said...

I will not interfere in ba7raini internal issues!

LuLu said...

Manaf! I'll let you know how it goes!

mbc: hmmmmmm. Does that mean all the people that filed police reports against journalists in Bahrain are smart? or is he smart because he's the first one to file a report against a blogger as opposed to a journalist?

Anonymous yes. I'm so sad now because it's not a speculation anymore. Freedom of speech is DEAD in this country.

Newme: la khalas ai 7oreyat rai.. maybe I should switch to blogging about celebrity gossip and sha3ban 3abdelra7eem

error: OK but that doesn't mean I can't talk about Kuwait politics. I love it. I even traveled there to see the elections. Anyway if the anti-blogger jail campaign reaches other people (or poor little me) you have to support us in spirit at least!

Gardens of Sand said...

Lulu, consider yourself served!


LuLu said...

Oh come on garden of sands..

Is that what I get for repenting? :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with anomymous that bloggers should protect their indentity. I saw many blogs who already started doing so.

Anonymous said...


In my humble opinion, I dont think the issue is about expressing an opinion, I think the use of words such as "brainfart" is what may be deemed offensive to some.

Maybe a better choice of words to the same effect would be more suitable in our culture/society.

Brainfart=produce information without effort :)

Just thinking out aloud


LuLu said...

Hashim interesting view.. yes I guess certain words do trigger some impulse strong reactions in our society-- It's still troubling, though, that a person can face the threat of jail for some word choice! (but again our penalty system is all screwed up.. who would've thought a phone call in the car can get someone 6 months in jail?!)