26 February 2007

Thank You King

But where is the law?

HM the King finally ordered the release of Said and Mohammed, the two prisoners of conscience in Bahrain, detained for "possessing and disseminating leaflets that may disturb the public order" (whatever that means). Good news! No one should ever be in jail for writing, speaking, or "possessing"!

But I think what we really need is to fix the system that allows for those and other arrests. I mean, of course the King will be appreciated if he intervenes each time and issues a "makrama" (our word for acts of generousity by a benevolent King) but don't you guys think it's time to strengthen the rule of law in this country rather than the rule of makrama "oh hail thee our beloved King"?

I'd say if we're really serious in sending a ending improsonment for speech, it doesn't take a genius to figure out where to start! Penal Code (Law 15 of 1976), Articles 160, 161 & 168.


Diamond Ray said...

I think your point is things are great under a good king but what happens if there's a new king who is not so good? I think you are hoping that HM the King will change things to make them better even after HM the King is gone?

LuLu said...

Diamond Ray yes in a nutshell that is what we hope for here. Of course the problem is that this clashes with the obvious preference of the ruler to keep matters in his own hands and under his control..