15 February 2007

The world loves us!

H.M. the King: "Bahrain standsat historic crossroads of rejuvenation and rebirth, gleaming with hope for a brighter future."
H.M the King: "I praise Bahraini officials and MPs for their ingenuousness, which made the kingdom vivid model of peace and honest democracy and earned it international acclaim and admiration."

H.M. the King: "Make sure you safeguard this indispensable accomplishment to secure a brighter and better future."

LuLu: I must be living in a parallel reality. Hey, I feel like I'm cheated out of that other nicer realm!! I love officials with ingenuousness too (why do I feel like this is not a real word?) and I really like being a vivid model of honest democracy. I also want the world to acclaim and admire what we're doing!

So I guess for those of you out there, please listen and safeguard your indispensible accomplishment, because you never know when things like jailing journalists, silencing critics, and demographic engineering will interfere with your perfect situation.
Finally, can someone please tell me how can I get out of my realm and get into that other nicer one?


Anonymous said...

would this reality do instead?

Anonymous said...

Ali g: We all know it's called the bionic, the bomb, the shit, the puff, the blow, the black, the herb, the sensi, the chronic, the Sweet Mary Jane, the ganja, the spliff, the reefer, the bad, the buddha, the home-grown, the ill, the maui maui, the method, the pot, the lethal, the turbo, the thai, the shake, the skunk, the stress, the wacky, the weed, the blaze, the boot, the dime bag, scooby doo, bob, bogey, backyard boogie.

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

Just painful, Lulu. I am convinced the this reality is surreal, full of treacherours images.
René Magritte would probably have titeled inscribed on the flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain with : Ceçi n'est pas une démocratie

Redha A said...

HI LuLu,

I know of the place you have in mind. The coordinates are as follows; Go directly to Al Qadisiya Avenue in Zinj (The road where Ahli Club & Al Jazeera supermarket reside). Drive (Now a days nobody seems to walk) to the end of the read, stop a hundred meters before reaching the very end (which leads to the ‘MAP highway [please do not ask for the actual name of the highway cause I am lucky to remember my name which is … a .a…eer, Oh forget it), and turn right. There is a yellow tent there. Walk in and seek the 'colourful people', you may recognize them by their red puffy noses and their big yellow/red shoes. Oh yah, they may also be wearing dresses with polka dots on them (It’s been a long time since I have been there so my description may be a BIT off). WHEN YOU SEE THESE ‘People of the forbidden land’, you will have reached you destination.
Please do not forget to buy yourself some popcorn and a soft drink while you enjoy the show. (Is the place still in business??)

Take care

LuLu said...

anonymous 1: Just seeing the name of that insane woman Pletka makes me wonder which reality is worse!

anonymous 2: LoL

Abdulhadi Khalaf: Always a delight that you've visited. The worst part is that I just don't see a way out. No one will fix a problem they don't see!

LuLu said...

redha.. hmm! I'm not sure the place is in business but I'd say we have enough of a show happening all around us!