28 March 2007

Formula 1 2 3

So I finally am getting over my laziness and permanent jet lag and actually getting myself to update this blog. Now the talk of the town these days is Formula-1 (and our all-moral parliament but that's beaten to death & I'm sick of them all). F-1 Bahrain is on April 15. That's next month! Meaning, this is my time to give my pre-F1 rant:

With zero introductions: someone needs to fire everyone in charge of the F1 circuit, its management, and everyone in its marketing & PR team. The head of PR has made an interesting announcement today about potential future investments in the circuit, profits, and increased ticket sales (all bullocks of course). It has been 3 years now, and we are yet to see investments, profits, or any ticket sales (P.S. stop giving them away).

I'm not totally idealistic about this.. I realize most projects require an initial investment and may not yeild profits for years, but I see no hope for this one. I mean, it's a great concept with lots of potential (even my mom attended the 1st season) but I don't think the point of it was to create 1 day of local fun for Bahrainis! I mean, something must be wrong if we can't get people to actually visit Bahrain and buys tickets and it's already the 3rd year!

For example, Malaysia truly Asia has been preparing and advertising and creating all sorts of noise and excitement about its F1 round for months now. Here, on the other hand, the circuit didn't bother to meet with the chamber of commerce until last week. Tickets are still being given away for free. Advertising is sad. Hotel rooms are being booked by circuit management for their "VIP" guests rather than actual visitors, etc to the end of the annual festival of retardation.

The Audit Court had its critique of it, and slowly some journalists are starting to write about it. Of course not all of them are well-meaning & it's a bit complicated since power politics are involved and people calculate their alliances before discussing a project that is directly associated with the Crown Prince. But the point is, regardless of those sensitivities, everyone wants it to succeed for Bahrain and managing it professionally should not be rocket science! I wonder how much loss we have to take? Also, I wonder where those plans of "year-round" excitement were (no drag racing isn't it).. I think the formula desparately needs a new formula!


NewMe said...

عندما تفشل إدارة
ويعين بديلا جديدا للعبط
يقوم بحركات بهلوانية
تسبقها فرقعة تصاريح
ولا زال المركب يغرق
عندما تكون تركيبة الإدارة قبلية بحته
عندما نكون انا واخي على ابن عمي
وانا وابن عمي على الغريب
عندما يضيع وطن ينساب كما الماء بين الاصابع
عندما نكون يدا واحدة من اجل مصالح شخصية
لا من اجل اعمار الارض
عندما لا نحتاج ان نعمل بجد
لاننا لا نريد أن نعكس صورجيدة
لذلك البغيض القابع في جحره الفخم
عندما يصبح حماة الوطن شلة منافقين
عندما تصبح الكرامة وعزة النفس مصطلحات ثورية
عندما يصبح همنا ان نخبئ أكثر مما نكشف
عندما تصاب الانسانية بشلل في الدماغ
ويصاب المنطق بالرعاش
عندما نكون البلد الخليجي الوحيد
الذي يعمل ابناءه في كل المجالات
ونستطيع ان نحقق اكتفاء ذاتي من حيث العقول والسواعد
وعلى الرغم من ذلك نفشل عن جداره
لانهم منشغولون بالخلاف على الفتات
لاننا طاقات مهدوره
لاننا مزيج مختلف من الحضارة
لكنهم يودون صهرنا في بوتقه واحده
لنخرج بها متشابهين ومتشابهات
لان ولان في قلبي الكثير تفجر الآن
آسفة أخذت الكثير من المكان
ولكن الفورملا فشل كلوي نحن السبب فيه
ولا يمكننا اصلاحه قبل اصلاح النفوس
ابقي بالقرب
دمت بحب

tito84 said...

You are totally right. We had a hope that this project would be prosperous but it turned out otherwise. No matter how many years will come this project won't get profits as planned. Now they say the shift will be towards building a circuit in Abu-dhabi much better in every aspect than the one here
thank you for this important post.

..G.. said...

This post is such an eye opener and most people would just refuse to realise the fact of the downfall of this whole project... i guess its too much money spent on something they cant handle properly.. Loved your last sentence.. "I think the formula desparately needs a new formula!

Great job sis

LuLu said...

Newme: I could not have said it better.. Please post that in your blog!

tito I guess I can understand why the big guys would want to hire people they trust, and sometimes family members are the most obvious-- but I don't get how this can continue when failure is just too clear

g thanx dear-- i don't know how much screaming it takes to get anyone to listen..

Anonymous said...

Free tickets are the least of your worries sis, rumour has it that a lawyer working for the BIC gets a payroll figure of approx $100K per month !!!

I should have studied law
yogurt anyone :)

..G.. said...

P.s. You've been tagged sweet lulu :)

presentnfuture said...

nice blog!
keep it going

can we talk said...

you need to stop thinking of it as a project and think of it as an expense. it doesn't have to make a profit. be nice, but it doesn't have to.

LuLu said...

anonymous lawyers always make the big bucks.. even I knew that ;)

LuLu said...

can we talk, well.. maybe I'm slow today but I'm not sure what you mean by an expense. But whatever an expense is, I believe it still has to be managed well! Even ministries have to be managed well and not cost us millions unnecessarily every year.

can we talk said...

i am not commenting on how well it is being managed, that is another issue, which i don't know enough about. and yes, it should not be mismanaged.
but it should not be looked at like a business, that has to break even and start generating a profit or else it should be dropped.
it should be treated more as a loss leader if it has to be. the bottom line is not how much money it makes, but how much money is made overall as a result of it being there. if that figure is positive, then it is profitable to keep, even if it is losing.

until then, you could look at it as you would promotion. it doesn't directly provide revenue, but it increases sales. so you keep doing it. if it doesn't, it might be that you are not running a smart campaign, not that you should stop advertising. you just have to balance the numbers.

LuLu said...

Can we talk.. ok that makes sense now, although I think we are saying similar things.. My post was not asking to look for a balance sheet, but for those in charge to take a step back and see why this project is not working. If the formula tickets are being distributed for free and we are not really getting visitors into Bahrain, then obviously we can't call it a success.. as of now.

Ammar456 said...

Not to go against what you're saying, but tickets were pretty much sold out this year.. True, you as an individual see a lot of them being given out for free, but that's only because some companies buy a large number of tickets to give away to their staff. Ie, batelco might buy a few hundered, Bapco might buy some etc and give them away and so on... This year is the first year they actually sold out on tickets (while giving away a few free here and there)

I still agree with you that its still a bit of a mess... They could do a lot better... hmph...

LuLu said...

ammar thanx for the insight-- nothing makes more happier than to know that things are improving!

I hope they continue to do that =)

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