13 January 2008

Dancing Bush

Good times..

Knowing me though, put your spoiler alert on:

Click here for the opposition's open letter to Bush on the progress of reform, democracy, and human rights in Bahrain (don't ask me why it's in Arabic... maybe they saw the dance and assumed just a bitttt too much).


ammaro said...

you make a good point there. WHY is it in arabic? either those who wrote it are idiots, or it's not really a letter to bush, but infact aimed at their own supporters (who read arabic) to show them that they can supposedly stand up to him

Anonymous said...

يمكن ما يعرفون انجليزي

Anonymous said...

Lulu & Ammar: it's a publicity stunt.. nothing else can explain it.


moodz said...

I believe all forms of formal communication are made in the sender's own language; We've all seen the letters of Ahmedinjad to Bush, the threats of AlQaeda, and even the letter Bush sent over to Chinese pilot's family were all made in the sender's language to avoid confusion and misuse/misinterpretations of words..

Here for more:

nano said...

i like the idea of dancing to ur president to show respect. :)

am gans try it at work, but with no sord. maby a stick..

LuLu said...

moodz I guess it makes sense from the "protocol" and "national pride" angels, but practically we're not reaching any audience but ourselves..