16 May 2007

To forgive and forget

MP Salah Ali (Al Menbar Islamic bloc) said today that it is in Bahrain's interest to "forget about" Bandar's report and just move on. On the same day, parliament voted down Ateyatallah's questioning on the Bandar scandal.

But this is not news. In 2002, decree law No. 56 pardoned all government officials involved in torture and abuse as well as those "guilty" of protesting government policies. Since then, the culture of impunity has been promoted actively by the government. Since then, our government, and pro-government parties, have been trying consciously to blur any memories of government oppression or conspiracy in fear of damaging the perfect picture of a unified, proud Bahrain, and their own image of benevolence.

I really believe this to be the root cause of the division in our society today. Victims of government arrest and (at least alleged) oppression have never had closure, compensation, or justice. Leading government figures that were accused of committing conspiracies, abuse, and torture were never punished. On the contrary, many went on to assume prominent positions and are treated as honorable citizens by the government-controlled press and politicians. Self-identifies victims, meanwhile, are struggling with the residues of the past, especially the 90s, without receiving any form of acknowledgement or apology

In general, there are two central pillars to achieving reconciliation: truth and justice. Revealing the truth paves the way for the society to face its past and move forward to forge a national reconciliation. Pursuing justice cleanses the nation’s conscience and provides victims with closure and sense of support and security.

In the case of post-90s Bahrain, healing never occurred, as neither truth nor justice was pursued. People on both sides of the spectrum, despite public rhetoric of "unity", really just maintained two different versions of the truth and two different concepts of what justice entails. Al-Dhahrani's recent proposal to compensate "victims" of 90s violence (only this time he spoke of victims of the actual popular uprising) was only one manifestation of the deep divide. The two sides never came together to tell the story; and a balanced version of the truth was never revealed. Throughout time, the distinction between victim and perpetrator was also blurred.

In public statements of major pro-government Islamist parties (Al Menbar, Asala and Sa3eedi), the prevailing rhetoric is not just to deny government wrongdoing, but to accuse the mainly Shi'a dissidents of “starting it” by rebelling against government policies. On the other side, mere mention of property losses that some non-involved parties suffered as part of the violence is often shunned as an attempt to justify government violence and abuse of protestors.

To be honest, with the exception of nationalist oppositionists (Al Noaimi, Munira Fakhro, Ebrahim Sharif, etc), we have a sectarian divide along those lines. It's not unreasonable to claim that the majority of Sunnis blame the protestors for starting the violence. In turn, the Shi'a wounds never healed and their self-image of victimhood was never addressed.

All nations have moments in their history that make them feel especially proud. All of them have moments of shame as well. In order to foster healing and "real" unity, Bahrain cannot afford to continue on this path of "unaccountability" and denial. Historical events need to be debated, recorded, and in the Bandar report, acknowledged and investigated at minimum, at least to show respect to that section of the population that seems to be the target of the strategies put forth in the report.

So, No, Mr. Salah. It is not in Bahrain's interest to "forget about it" and continue breeding this culture of impunity. Your refusal to even investigate the matter is suspicious at best. No one with half a brain can possibly forgive or forget, knowing that the suspects are roaming around happily under the protection of our own elected parliamentarians.


SILVER said...

ofcourse Mr.Salah will defend his "boss". Dont forget Salah Ali was one of the people mentioned in the report.

costa-guy said...

آآآه .. قلبتي المواجع :'(

Anonymous said...

مثل ما قلتها من قبل هالبرلمان ما منه لا فايدة و لا عايدة .... شعليهم دام ان يقبضون المقسوم على راس كل شهر طقاق يطق الباقي ..... بالنسبة للمصالحة جدامنا طريج طويل بصراحة كل واحد ينظر للثاني نظرة شك و ريبة و هالنظرة هاذي موجودة من فترة طويلة .... و البرلمان المفروض انه يخفف من هالنعرات الطائفية و يحاول تصحيح بعض الافكار الخاطئة بس بتركيبته الحالية ماعتقد حتى راح يقدر يشك خيط بأبرة ..... فالحمل يقع اكثر شي على الشخصيات الوطنية فالتقريب ما بين ابناء الطائفتين .... يعني شغلات بسيطة بس لها تأثير كبير مثل حملات واسعة تستعمل شعارات حلوة و خفيفة مثل الشعار اللي استعمله المدون محمود اليوسف و فكرة البادجات او الستكرات .... و الحق ينقال بصراحة انها بادرة حلوة يوم ساند الشيخ علي سلمان منيرة فخرو في الانتخابات فمطلوب هالنوع من الشغلات اللي تحاول التقريب ما بين البحرينيين .... و مسامحة على الكومنت الطويل

Anonymous said...

وجب التنويه: مب الكل بس في نسبة معقولة من المجتمع تنظر للغير بنظرة ريبة و شك :)

isagreatphilosopher said...

Two typos aside, an excellent and well written piece. Thank you.

LuLu said...

Thanks silver, point right on-- and I think the issue is bigger than just an MP this time. It's a long standing government policy to promote the culture of impunity. Anyone can do anything knowing they will not be held accountable!

Anonymous walah I wish hal shakh9eyat il wa6aniya made it to parliament.. at least to stop it from splitting right across the middle. But that was too much to dream of.

philosopher thanks so much (and I found the two typos! i think...)

Anonymous said...

How can innocent people be the one who we should blame? People whose places and business burned. Innocent Asian workers killed?
And the ones who destroyed so many electricity power stations and traffic lights and …. And …. Are the victims??? Are you blind or lost your mind. Some logic please.

LuLu said...

Ya anonymous

First of all, no one suggested what you understood, so you should perhaps read again in order to resolve this misunderstanding. The whole point of this post is NOT to forget victims on both sides.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how important it is to have a conversation between (1) people like you who equate demonstrating against the government with "killing indians and burning shops" and (2) people who equate not opposing the government with support for discrimination, torture, and bad policies.
Your comment demonstrates how wide the "divide" is between the two camps. It is sad. As a person who took the time to read this blog, I wish you could take more time and try to understand the events of the 90s beyond the official government line. It doesn't mean you have to change your mind, but you need to get over this view that the "demonstrators" are an enemy!

Anonymous said...

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وقالوا في ندائهم: قام مجهولون خلال هذه الأيام والليالي بحرق وتدمير للممتلكات العامة والخاصة وصناديق الكهرباء الواقعة بجانب دوار كرزكان والمالكية للمرة الثانية في غضون شهر، وخاصة أننا في أشهر الصيف الحارة واختبارات أطفالنا الدراسية على الأبواب، على الرغم من دعوات التعقل والكف عن هذا الأسلوب من الأهالي والجمعيات السياسية. وجاء في النداء: إن بعض الأهالي قالوا إن هذا العمل غير حضاري وجبان، ومرفوض شعبيا لكونه لا يحل مشكلة الشباب ولا يسمن ولا يغني من جوع بحسب تعبيرهم.. فيما قال آخرون من القرى المجاورة: إن إعادة حرق الصناديق والممتلكات يزيد من المشكلة ويعيق إمكانية حلها ومن يعتقد خلاف ذلك فهو واهم.. وقالوا في النداء إن روح الرفض والاستنكار لهذا العمل قد بدأت تطفو على السطح وسط البرلمان والأهالي في المجالس وفي الأسواق وفي المحلات التجارية على مستوى المملكة شيعة وسنة بحرينيين ووافدين. وقال الأهالي في ندائهم موجهين الكلمات إلى الشباب: توقفوا عن مثل هذه الأعمال والجأوا إلى العقل والمنطق والاستماع إلى نداءات الأهالي والمجتمع المدني، مشيرين إلى مدى عتمة الشارع في الليل بالظلمة والخوف من تسبب الحوادث أو الضياع وخاصة لدى السيدات وقد شهدت المنطقة قصصا من الضياع يدمى لها القلب نتيجة هذه العتمة! 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أهالي كرزكان والمالكية مملكة البحرين

LuLu said...

Your publication of this statement is irrelevant...

I'd rather have an intelligence conversation rather than posting statements and counter-statements.

isagreatphilosopher said...

If I had to guess, I would say you are on a government payroll, as a part of a new program to ensure that the completely irrational views of certain government personnell are represented, which is in all honesty a futile attempt, as it only displays the latter, the irrationality of your position.
You are being delusional if you think your statements have any impact whatsoever, for by such random and irrelevant claims, all you do is offend our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

فيديو لأحداث التسعينات... شهادة التاريخ


في هذا الفيديو مشاهد خطيرة تفضح الشيعة في البحرين أيام التسعينات

شاهد هذا الفيديو وستعرف من هو الظالم ومن هو المجرم


اللهم أنعم علينا بالأمن والأمان

LuLu said...

I can't even begin to describe how rediculous government propaganda sounds these days. It's sad that our government, instead of addressing the issue, sponsors those retarded attempts (such as this video) to skew the perspective of unsuspecting Bahrainis..

Oh well. I'm leaving it still, out of respect for freedom of speech!

Isa said...

Anonymous - allahoma in3am 3alaik ib half a brain.

The owner of the blog nor I at any stage stated that we condoned anarchy and destruction of public property. This mess is essentially a by product of depriving people from their basic rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, you clearly are attacking Shee3a unconditionally, which is undoubtedly a ridiculous and unjustified claim. Not only is it not true the all shee3a's participated in riots or whatever unjustified distruction of property, if that is what your main evidence for the claim, but also not all those who were punished, jailed or expatriated play any part in such events.

Before throwing another piece of propaganda in our face, please precisely address our objections.

Until then, let it be clear, that you are either a moron or you assume all others are. Perhaps both are true.

SILVER said...

Apparently the government thinks you are an opinion leader in Bahrain, i think you should take it as a complement :)))

Anonymous said...

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