26 July 2007

Now this is what's wrong with us..!

These are taken from a "debate" on Al-Jazeera's Al-Ettijah Al-Mu'akis, between an "Islamist thinker and activist" and a secular "thinker and activist":

الديمقراطية في الشرق الأوسط
مقدم الحلقة: فيصل القاسم
ضيفا الحلقة: - سيد القمني/ مفكر علماني- هاني السباعي/ مدير مركز المقريزي للدراسات التاريخية
تاريخ الحلقة: 10/7/2007

سيد القمني: ولد خليك محترم يا ولد..
هاني السباعي: توب إلى الله اجري اعلن ما أنت أعلنت توبتك يا رجل من سنتين وسحبتها..
سيد القمني: توب أنت يا راجل توب من اللي أنت فيه توب من الإرهاب..
هاني السباعي: مَن الذي كان ينفق عليك وعلى عيالك مجموعة مرتزقة تتهم أمة كاملة..
سيد القمني: إرهابي وقاعد في الديمقراطية في لندن ما تروح أفغانستان تحارب يا جدع روح خذ حق الشهادة في أفغانستان..

فيصل القاسم: بس دقيقة يا دكتور..
هاني السباعي: هذا يجب أن يحجر عليه هذا سفيه يجب عليه..
فيصل القاسم: دقيقة يا دكتور، يا دكتور هاني بدون مقاطعة يا دكتور..
هاني السباعي: يا رجل يعلن توبته حتى يا ريت يا حبذا لو..

سيد القمني: بتتكلم علي ثاني يا راجل..
فيصل القاسم: يا سيدي يا سيد السباعي أشكرك سيد سباعي وصلت الفكرة..
هاني السباعي: هذا يسيء إلى الأمة يجب أن يعتذر إلى هذه الأمة.
سيد القمني: يا جدع ده أنت راجل سفيه صحيح.

For more on this intellectual conversation, click here.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

this program is a joke. It's sole purpose is to get completely diametrically opposed people shouting at each other, and if they don't, then the dickhead presenter entices them to.

It's worth seeing only if you wish to receive very cheap entertainment. I wouldn't put much weight on this program.

Anonymous said...

Mahmood is right they are entertaining!

and sad...

LuLu said...

The thing is, even if the presenter is looking for excitement and cheap entertainment, the fact that our "intellectuals" are on the program every week hurling insults at each other is a sign of a deep cultural crisis.

Ammar456 said...

dont take this program too seriously; its the arab version of "The Jerry Springer Show".

Obviously, they try to get easily infuriated, opinionated people on the show, because the arguments are what get people to watch them.

If you don't know Jerry Springer, look it up on youtube. Have a laugh. Same cheap shot humor here

Costa-guy said...

I would agree with Mahmood's points.

But if your concern about the OUR "intellectuals", then i'll agree with Ammar's point that this is a (copy) of Jerry Springer's show i.e. the show is fake and the actors are fake (not literally).

You won't see (or even imagine) top political, economical or (real-religious) figures getting into such arguments where the stupid way to prove a point is insult each other.

For example (and i'm trying to prove a point only here with the example), I would never think that 2 nemesis like let's say Shaikh Ali Salman or Ebrahim Sharif and a very top government official e.g. Majeed Al-Alawi or Al-Khalifa member get into an argument and reach to that level of discussion, maybe because of the 2 sides are feeling the responsibility and sensitivity of their positions.

Although the concern I think we should highlight is that our countries are considering such "jokers" and "low-life" people as "intellectuals" and the presence of such people in such positions is, yes, a sign of a deep cultural crisis.

That crisis would be (some people are given positions they don't deserve and are talking in the name of others they don't represent).

costa-guy said...

I appologize for using the word "nemesis" in the previous comment.

error said...

we always take things personal or forward them as so.

i hear that your king is not well, is that true?

LuLu said...

Oh Bahrain is rumour central.. who knows!

Anonymous said...

Luckily, I know some Arabic so I can add my 2 cents. I totally understand people dismissing such a program where both parties sink to slinging insults at each other.

However, where is one supposed to find people debating such important issues in an easily accessible manner? For example where can you find a secularist and an Islamist debate in a respectful manner and maybe even concede a couple of points? Right now I mostly read/listen to programs like this and interviews on إضاءات because that's all I've found.